My Awesome Cafe

My Awesome Cafe

Near Tanjong Pagar MRT

DSC_0022Located in the CBD area, My Awesome Cafe is really a very interesting cafe that seems to pop out from no where. This space was previously occupied by an old clinic and with its name retained, it has been converted into a retro cafe. It’s really a perfect spot for photographers. This place is I thinked owned by three ang mor (French, Swiss and Brit), inferring from what the English boss told me and it’s really impressive that they could come up with such a local concept.

DSC_0020Glass coca cola bottles. Layout is really quite retro, isn’t it.



So we got the awesome salad that costs $15. There’s duck, herbal chicken breast, smoked salmon and one big lump of avocado in it. The avocado gives the salad a creamy texture while the meat were all fresh and tasted healthy. The chicken breast didn’t taste dry while the smoked salmon used was fresh too as it doesn’t have the strong pungent smell that I don’t really like. No excessive condiments used which makes this a good salad. It was good but became slightly dry towards the end.

DSC_0012The chicken breast sandwich which costs $14. Again, meat and vegetables are fresh and bread was soft in the middle. It was quite clever of them to use pesto sauce as a spread which helps to make this sandwich more tasty and less dry. Quite a good sandwich I felt as fresh ingredients were used.

DSC_0015Spicy beef sandwich for $14 which was pretty good too. Shredded beef was just slightly spicy.

DSC_0005Capuccino for $4.50.

DSC_0006Had the pain au cinnamon for $3.50. Pastry was soft, fluffy while cinnamon wasn’t overly sweet. Simple and delicious.

DSC_0004Dessert of the day and we got the mango bread pudding. This was really good as the pudding was of the right texture (slightly dense and still moist) and tasted really fragrant. It was of the right sweetness and together with the milky sauce, it tasted really delicious. $4.50.


DSC_0018Got a picture with the two bosses posing for a picture.

All in all, I pretty enjoy my time at My Awesome Cafe. It really stands out from many other cafes as they have a very distinctive theme of their own. Retro is the theme for the decor of the restaurant while cuisine is mainly English I felt. The sandwiches served reminds me of the ones I had in UK when we were there while the sweets served really felt very English. Simple, traditional food served here and together with fresh ingredients, it will really make your day. The service though was a little understaffed I felt as they seem to get a little flustered when it’s full house but are still courteous. A really good cafe in the CBD area!


7 thoughts on “My Awesome Cafe

  1. Bongster says:

    Thank you Eric for you honest & awesome write up. We are thankful for reviews like these, running a cafe is not an easy business, but review from you boasted us further. We will make you proud!

  2. jaytjk says:

    Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the place too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.

    Hope to see more reviews from you

  3. kawaidenyse says:

    This is awesome! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to find more cafes that have such an interesting flavour to it.
    Keep up with the reviews!

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