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So I have always been wanting to try Hashi but as the menu is on the pricey side, I have always procrastinated and instead would go to my favourites such as Shinji where I know my money would definitely be wisely spent at. And then, restaurant week came and S and I immediately seized the opportunity to try the dinner menu at Hashi for just $55. And unlike Absinthe (which was a disappointment), I was very impressed by Hashi! A little background about Hashi: It is helmed by three really famous chefs, one of whom is the heavy weight Tadashi Takashi who last headed Australia Nobu. I haven’t been to Melbourne Nobu but I know that Nobu is one of the two michelin starred Japanese restaurants in London and is definitely very famous.

So, when you get there, you will be greeted by waitress clad in Kimonos (which is quite common in most fine dining Japanese restaurants). Service crew there is really well dressed, guys dressed in suits while ladies are clad in kimonos, really primp and proper and you could feel that it really is a professional restaurant the moment you step in. There are two dining halls, one with the sushi bar while the other is connected via a really zen looking walkway.

DSC_0046A really modern zen decor.

So lets see how did the restaurant week menu fare. It was a kaiseki menu with four different courses.

DSC_0024Got hot green tea for drinks and it was really fragrant. I kept downing the tea and service is very prompt when it comes to refilling your cup.


DSC_0032So for the appetiser, you get a platter of four different things. From left: Marinated spinach with mushroom, steamed egg, Sakuraebi, Japanese fish cake with bamboo shoot, white fish Oshi sushi and there’s also a bowl of cold soba. Spinach with mushroom was though on the light tasting side wasn’t bland at all. It’s simple and refreshing. The steamed egg tasted a little like chawanmushi but a little more dense, not as soft and wobbly. It has a tofu consistency which I like a lot and tastes really fragrant. The sakuraebi is fried till it is slightly crispy. It is a little too salty for me tho but other than that a very good appetiser. The fish cake is again really smooth and there are bits of bamboo in it. Very refined taste in it I felt. The oshi sushi was quite interesting as a small mint leaf is added to it. It’s my first time having sushi with a mint taste. I like this innovative taste though S didn’t. And the cold soba tasted refreshing and soba is springy. So, it was only the first course and there are so many yet uncomplicating tastes to it. This is indeed the true spirit of Japanese food. Loads of surprises as a medley of different tastes is already displayed in the first course. Very impressive indeed.

DSC_0033Then we get chef’s choice sashimi. So we have maguro, scallop and yellow tail (not too sure) over here. Fresh definitely, I have to say that the scallop is exceptionally good. It has a slightly springy texture and also tasted slightly creamy. S said that it felt like there was a bit of fats in it. Really interesting texture which we love a lot.



DSC_0041Then came the mains which is slow cooked beef cheek with rice and miso soup. I really like the bowls used and garnishing is really pretty. Those black purple bits on top of the rice is slightly savoury and I don’t think it’s nori. Please enlighten me if you know. Rice was also moist, warm and soothing. Though it’s just simple white rice, its texture and water content were all spot on and added points to this main. The beef cheek was just simply yummy. Really soft and tender, it simply melts in your mouth (the few bits of fats especially). I love it as it’s a big chunk of lean meat with just a bit of fats, a perfect meat for me. Sauce used to simmer this dish is really fragrant and not just one dimensional. It’s even more perfect when eaten together with the yuzu and pepper paste above. S was quite impressed that I know it’s yuzu but as a yuzu lover, I better know its taste well. The yuzu paste is very spicy when eaten alone but brings out the freshness in the beef when eaten together. The pink circular thing is actually made from glutinous rice. Though it has a simple taste, it’s chewy texture somehow added points to this dish overall too. Again, it’s like having so many different tastes and textures in a single dish which complement and counterpoise each other.

DSC_0045Then the final course is dessert. We have mochi on the left and red bean sponge on the right. Very nicely plated indeed in a sakura flower plate. The mochi was chewy and not overly sweet while the red bean sponge was really spectacular. Sponge was soft, moist and ethereal while the red bean paste is not overly sweet, really smooth and fragrant as well. Very delicious indeed. I really love Japanese desserts!

And so when we came to the end of the meal, we were both really impressed and really hoped that the meal could have more courses. At least I could conclude that this restaurant is very strong in its Kaiseki. So, do give it a visit if you miss a good authentic kaiseki. It actually reminded me of umu London which is worth a Michelin star and I believe this restaurant would be able to get it when the guide book comes to Sg. So glad that I’ve found another good Japanese restaurant and would I go back for the more expensive courses? Yes, definitely! (But I would need to save up!) Indeed, this restaurant has made me all hyped up about my upcoming Tokyo trip. Will be a trip full of food and travelling! Can’t wait for a kaiseki over there as well!

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