asakusa9Finally, the Tokyo trip is here! A week off work to recharge myself and enjoy this fine country which has always been my favourite. This is my fourth time in Tokyo and I’m here this time for a more different experience – enjoy the exciting culinary scene that this country has!

First day was spent at a few really good restaurants, but shall roll out Asakusa first. So this place is very famous for its sensoji shrine and in front of this shrine, there is this stretch of road littered with loads of souvenir shops and food stalls. The front portion mainly serves sweet stuff like mochi while the very last stretch before the shrine serves savoury food items. I only had the sweet ones as I thought I would save space for the savoury ones at Takashimaya.

asakusa 10Savoury food stalls at the back.

asakusa 8

asakusa 7They make mochi like machines. So fast and the queue just keeps going. Coated with fragrant and slightly sweet peanut, this mochi is simple and delicious. Mochi is also not super springy but still satisfying and slightly dense.

asakusa 6We had this sesame mochi too which is delicious too. Sesame was very fragrant while mochi is springy.

asakusa 5This is sakura cakes filled with red bean. Very delicious red bean here as it is slightly sweet while the cake is soft. The leaf was a bit peculiar I thought as it is salty! Was ok for me but K preferred to have it without the leaf.

asakusa 4

And this is unanimously our favourite! Very delicious red bean paste in these yaki pastries. The chef makes it sooo quickly, akin to a robot. asakusa 3

The skin is really thin and slightly crispy while filling is very substantial and not too sweet. You wouldn’t feel guilty eating too much! Love it.

asakusa 2And comes in different shapes too. So cute!


Japanese food is really cute and they just look so delicious, don’t they! And I am praying really hard for the sakura! Saw some today though but I hope to see more!


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