Grund and Jungfraujoch – beautiful town in a mountainous region

Interlaken Ost, Jungfraujoch and Grund

Yes, this is indeed my third time to the majestic Jungfraujoch, twice in winter and once in summer. Unfortunately, the weather for this whole week is cloudy and it was snowing up there so view wasn’t as magnificent.

Jungfrau2Pristine snow.

It costs about 98 fr for a two way ticket with a swiss half fare card and the train would take you up to europe’s top peak, with two changes at two stations. It is a round about tour whereby you can go up and down via grindelwald and lauterbrunnen respectively or vice versa. And I would prefer to go up via lauterbrunnen first and descend via grindelwald as the scenery along the route to grindelwald is much more scenic, and you may want to alight at one of the beautiful towns, Grund, which is en route to Grindelwald.


This is that close to the edge you could stand at. So take care while absorbing this gorgeous view!

But well, I shall post the photos with the view that you would get on a clear day. This is what I saw on my second visit to Jungfrau and I must say that I am very lucky. Very beautiful, majestic mountain ranges and that just makes humans so insignificant. I remembered standing out in the cold at -20 degrees with strong gales relentlessly blowing into my face for a full 30min as I try to absorb and remember this scene.


Beautiful panorama!

DSC_1038A photo taken while still in the train approaching Grund!



Just need to be in it.


So, unlike the previously, I alighted at Grund this time to take really pictureresque photos. Swiss houses or cottages on an undulating land with the magnificent mountains as the backdrop. It really is very beautiful and peaceful! Somehow it is such small towns that have captivated me much during this trip. So if you were to get to Jungfraujoch,  please make it a point to alight at Grund and I am sure you will love it!

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