Yoogane – >100 branches in South Korea


Bugis Junction

IMG_7302A booming Galbi restaurant in South Korea, it has finally opened a restaurant in Singapore at the super crowded Bugis Junction. With about 130 branches in S. Korea, it is no wonder that there is a constant queue outside this restaurant. To reduce the waiting time, you are encouraged to make your order while queuing and everything will be set up nicely the moment you get in. Fast and efficient, the characteristics of an Asian restaurant indeed.

IMG_7290So yes, like most Korean restaurants in Sg, you get your free flow of pan chan just that it’s self service over here. The kimchi is really spicy and it’s the first time that I couldn’t finish past one fifth of this!

IMG_7291The most interesting panchan is definitely this bowl of salad splashed with strawberry sauce. Slightly sweet, this creamy sauce tastes very similar to your marigold strawberry milk and goes really well with the cabbage.

IMG_7287IMG_7294And there we had the chicken and octopus Galbi all uncooked. Don’t worry if you want a relaxing weekend meal as the service crew will be the one cooking for you. It’s really pretty fun looking at the transformation of your dish. By the way, if you have more than 2 people and want to have a Galbi dish, then you have to order a minimum of 2 portions of it.


IMG_7296And we also got the Rameon as toppings which was added when the octopus and chicken are cooked.

IMG_7299Octopus has a really springy addictive texture while the chicken is very tender and well marinated. Comfort food it is for the Koreans, it is still tasty to me but not mind blowing. I guess it may be because the sauce is more straightforward and Galbi dishes are slightly more greasy. But if you are one who loves comfort food, you would definitely enjoy this loads.

IMG_7298And we got the bulgogi fried rice that has melted cheese embedded in this. This is a comfort food that I would highly recommend as there is a burst of flavours the moment one starts chewing on it. Very special, delicious and fragrant every rotund rice grain is, the stretchy texture allows one to savour the taste longer.

IMG_7301So that’s Yoogane for us and it’s one of the rarer Korean meals that I would have. Pretty fun to look at and also inexpensive (as we spent about $74) for this whole meal, Yoogane would definitely continue to attract large crowds.

Verdict: A good restaurant if you enjoy Korean comfort food.

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