Nanjing Impressions – Pretty deep impressions made

Nanjing Impressions

Plaza Singapura at Dhoby Ghaut

img_0164Very Chinese looking, especially so with those lanterns hanging there that actually form the entire menu, Nanjing Impressions does feel like an old quaint restaurant by a random Chinese river. Ambiance worked and the food did leave a pretty good impression on us. Always going for the more familiar and fragrant Cantonese style (or at least it is in my opinion); that has also formed the benchmark when it comes to oriental cuisine even though I know that there’s many different types of cooking all across massive China. And I say, this is a Chinese restaurant that I actually appreciate. The fragrance is there and the food doesn’t feel coarse (an attribute I always associate with Chinese food) which made everything more palatable, but just slightly heavy handed on the grease there.

img_0169Sesame scented beancurd Julienne. $11.80.img_0172Jinling noodles in light soy sauce broth. $6.80.

img_0168Jinling roast duck – $32. That crispy skin was on point and the sauce it was drenched in was marvellous.

img_0176Palace Chicken with pickled chilli. $13.80. Prepared in a very beautiful bowl indeed and that crispy chicken skin together with the tender meat underneath was flavoured up greatly by the light spicy kick.img_0177Shrimp Roe Custard with scallions. This was however a little mediocre for us. $10.80.img_0173Loving those Celestial Roast duck dumplings over there as they were huge, packed solidly with duck meat fillings soaked in an intense duck broth. $6.80.img_0179The savoury for the night!img_0181Osmanthus steamed sponge. Very chewy, dense, solid, perfumed with that Osmanthus fragrance throughout; this has become the favourite dessert dish over there. $4.80.img_0182Red Bean glutinous rice balls in Sweet Wine. $4.80. Wine in my dessert? Bring it on and yes indeed you could taste that alcohol in it!

Verdict: A good restaurant. 3.8/5.