Don Quijote

Don Quijote

At Dempsey

Recently, I think I’m on a lookout for Spanish restaurants thus decided to give Don Quijote at Dempsey a visit. The menu over there is quite big with lots of tapas and paella are reasonably priced. Paella comes in three different sizes and the small size costs about $30 for except for the restaurant special which costs $48 and small could already feed two people while tapas costs about $15 to $20 in general.  Somehow I kept comparing it to Binomio, which is still my top favourite for Spanish food. Paella over here are relatively cheaper than Binomio but tapas are similarly priced. So, how did the Spanish night go?

DSC_1607We got the meatballs with apple and pine nuts. I thought the apple would go very well with the meat balls which it did. However, the meat balls tasted a bit more doughy than meaty. I like meatballs to be meaty actually. Interestingly, I felt that this has a ngor hiang taste in it.

DSC_1610And after having a super yummy tortilla at Binomio, I thought I have to order the one over here. While the one at Binomio is very eggy and super fragrant, the one at Don Quijote is mainly made up of many layers of potato and egg is inserted in between these layers. It felt like I was eating a lot of potato actually and doesn’t taste very fragrant either. Taste was also one dimensional and not really exciting.


Croquettes with ham in it. This was pretty good, fillings were quite mashed and plentiful while the crust is thin.


One of the partners in the restaurant came to talk to us and it was really nice of him to offer his last month special for us, that is spicy grilled calamari as I told him that I am not too interested in the fried on that day. So it wasn’t in the menu and I managed to eat it. Very good calamari here and well grilled. Calamari is still very springy and nice to chew on, but I think maybe it just needs to be on the grill for a little while more as some parts may be a little rubbery. Still it has a good texture on the whole and the sauce is definitely fragrant and the chilli flakes give it the kick but was a little too spicy for me.

DSC_1615So we had Don Quijote special paella as yes it is very flavourful. Every bit of rice grain is uniformly and intensely flavoured. very savoury and the king prawns in it were very fresh. So they also have a seafood paella and the difference is that King prawns is used in this but normal ones are used in the seafood one. However, the rice was slightly dry and that was the stark difference from what Binomio serves which brought me back to Spain. The guy was telling us that this is a different way of making paella as Spain is huge and different regions have different way of making it. I’m not too sure but as far as I can remember my days in Spain, I had pretty consistently moist paella at Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid. Not too sure where did this cooking come from but I still prefer my paella moist!

We also got their dessert and went for the recommended one that is Bomba chocolate that costs $19. It was a ripped off I felt as it really only is molten lava cake with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. This could have been easily gotten at $9 to be honest. So, skip the desserts I feel!

Well, Don Quijote is still a good Spanish restaurant in its own right also given that Sg doesn’t have a lot of Spanish restaurants. But having been to Binomio, I think my taste buds are slightly spoiled by the chef there as I will keep using it as the Benchmark for authentic Spanish food. It was, by far, the first Spanish restaurant that makes me reminisce of Spain. As the pricing is pretty similar, Binomio would definitely be my first choice when I want to fix my tapas and paella craving in future.



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