Babette Restaurant & Bar

Babette Restaurant

Near Lavendar MRT

Located just opposite to Chye Seng Huat Hardware and Willowsill Pies or along the ‘hipster’ Tyrwhitt road, there finally is a restaurant or bistro that is really worth going to – Babette restaurant and Bar. Housed in the pretty sleek and modern Parc Sovereign Hotel, this restaurant serves delicious fusion food and somehow reminds me of Portico which also has a similar concept in its cooking.

DSC_1110Wanted to start off the day with a healthy bowl of salad yet not forgoing the savoury taste, B and I got the grilled octopus salad. Octopus is fresh and springy while the mandarins at the side makes this salad more refreshing. A pretty good bowl of salad here. About $17.

DSC_1114A good pair of sliced creamy avocado stuffed with fragrant fatty aburi salmon for $12. I like how the creaminess in both the avocado and salmon complement each other. A slight Japanese touch to this appetiser.

DSC_1112Chirashi don that didn’t taste too Japanese yet still flavourful and delicious. The rice was warm and doesn’t seemed to be cooked with the traditional mirin. Instead it tasted more oriental and there were even chopped carrots in it. Quite an interesting fusion bara chirashi here. About $20.

DSC_1116My second time having chilli crab pasta and this one is fiery but satisfying. Soft shell crab is used here while the pasta was made al dante. Chilli crab sauce was intense and spicy over here and the only one thing missing would be the sinful crispy man tou! Would be interesting to see two mantou added as a side actually. About $20.

DSC_1120And we went on to get the matcha lava cake with auki red bean and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Delicious dessert over here as the red bean complements the creamy vanilla ice cream while the molten matcha lava within the cake was outrageously addictive.


There you could see the super inviting lava flowing out. The cake was a little spongy and moist and I love that texture. $12.


DSC_1124And then we got the red velvet waffles as the second dessert which comes with a jar of honey. Very fluffy and slightly Q consistency with a crusty surface, this is one of the better waffles that I have had. Strawberries were also painstakingly carved into a flower shape while the berries ad mandarin gave it a refreshing touch. Very delicious plate of red velvet waffles here!

So, yes it was a great lunch here and we’ve enjoyed everything that we’ve ordered. From appetisers to mains to desserts, it is evident that much care is taken to craft every dish on the menu and even the most seemingly simple waffle is made so pretty. Spent about $50 per person over here and it is a very reasonable price to pay for such interesting fusion food that still tastes so delicious. Highly recommended for a relaxing lunch or brunch over here. I would say skip those cafes beside it and spend your time here!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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