Match Restaurant and Lounge – Spot on mains served at this bar!


Pan Pacific Hotel near City Hall or Esplanade MRT station

I am always very impressed with Pan Pacific Hotel as it houses so many good restaurants, such as the relaxing and beautiful Pacific Marketplace, family-friendly Cantonese restaurant Hai Tien Lo and the super value for money Edge Buffet restaurant. And Match, that is a recent addition to the Pan Pacific group, also serves quality mains with lots of gimmicks that will keep you entertained. Lighting is quite bad over there, so please bear with the photos!

IMG_7349The bread served here was super crusty on the outside and fluffy inside. Raisins embedded in it gave it a light addictive sweetness.

IMG_7350The starter that we got – Ceviche Barramundi is so refreshing and fresh. The diced Barramundi (an asian seabass) was really fresh and the chilli added to it helps to lift the overall taste while the mint leaves give it a refreshing touch. $17.



IMG_7364The mains over here are served in a pretty interesting manner as you get to customise it to your liking. You get to choose your sauce for the meat and two sides to go with it. We got the 250g striploin drizzled with the shallot and red wine sauce and my favourite sauteed mushrooms and onion tart as the sides. You also get to choose your preferred way of cooking, char grilled or pan fried and of course I went for the former as I love the charred fragrance on my beef. Striploin was impeccably done for me, not too bloody and still really tender and juicy! $45.

IMG_7362Our second main that we got was the Pan fried Atlantic Cod with Champagne Caviar Sauce, with squid ink risotto and zucchini served as the sides. Very tender and moist atlantic cod over here that simply melts in your mouth. $36.

IMG_7358We got the $10 Mac and Cheese as our addition side. Tasted normal, cheesy and really filling actually.

IMG_7372Next came this complimentary Candy cotton. Very interesting gimmick but didn’t finish it as we could feel our waistline expanding.


IMG_7377Yeah and the Ultimate Match Sundae Dessert! Comes in a huge bowl with four big scoops of ice cream, vanilla, chocolate, oreo and raspberry sorbet topped with the slightly chewy meringe, fruits and biscuits. Deliciously comforting dessert for me! $21. And yes, not to forget the fireworks were pretty gimmicky but cute.

All in all, everything that we had here were good but I reckon that Match is very strong in their mains as they were all spot on and flawless. Prices are on the higher side while service is pretty friendly and prompt. Very chic bar indeed and this may be a good place for bar hoppers who also hope for good food as well.

Verdict: A good restaurant


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