Crystal Jade Dining In

Crystal Jade Dining In


Yes, it’s my third time visiting crystal jade dining in but unlike the previous 2 times when I had mostly dim sum, I ordered its mains this time which are equally good.

ImageHad the three combination. Char siew, roast duck and soy sauce chicken. They were all tender, savoury and tasty I felt. Char siew has a little bit of fats in it but could be removed easily and is just of the right sweetness. Some parts were slightly charred too which makes it even more fragrant. The roast duck, though quite different from the one I had in London, is still pretty good. Skin is thinner and slightly crispy. Meat wasn’t too oily too. The soy sauce chicken was super tender, I think to make it that tender you need to soak it in ice water after boiling it. This will make it springy and not dry. Well marinated and yummy!

Image Chunky fish fillet with beans. This was just slightly oily but works out fine for me. Fish was really fresh and not overcooked at all. Very smooth meat and comes off in big chunks. 

ImageChicken, scallops, capsicum, mushrooms braised in pumpkin. Really good mains I thought. Chicken was cooked well and really tender, while capsicum and mushrooms complement the meat taste and makes it even more flavourful. The scallops I felt were overcooked but it seemed to be the case for almost every dish that has scallops. The dark sauce really has the essence of the chicken, capsicum, shrooms and also pumpkin. I think the pumpkin makes the sauce thicker and more viscous. You could even scrap large chunks of pumpkin meat from it and that tasted good too.

ImageThe seafood efu braised noodles were yummy too. Better than summer pavilion noodles definitely as it is much less oilier and more fragrant but still not as fragrant as that from wah lok. Don’t know how did wah lok make their noodles so fragrant; might be pork lard. Fish was tender and again the scallop felt overcooked.

ImageThis chicken dish actually tasted like lor mai gai without the rice. Chicken is tender and there are also lap cheung in it. I felt the sauce quite oily and is quite bland actually. The fungus was also coated with oil. Not a very good mains even though it’s still passable I thought.

ImageAnd then, we got some dim sum and this is the shark fin prawn dumpling. Very fresh prawns there and they were glazed in some premium soup I believe. Very fragrant indeed.

ImageHad the standard liu sa bao for dessert and thought it was good too. Doesn’t flow much but the flavour is quite intense actually. 


This pig pig ju is so cute and rotund! Looks really stupid too. It actually is yam bun and is actually really delicious. Yam filling wasn’t dry at all but a little moist and is quite substantial. The bun is really soft and the whole thing is so tasty when eaten hot. The yam filling actually tasted a little like the teochew yam paste; maybe there’s oil added to it too! 

I think I am a great fan of crystal jade dining in. Having been there three times, I still continue to rave about their food. Only one dish out of the many we ordered wasn’t satisfying while the rest were pretty much spot on. The mains were about $30 each while the dim sum are about $5 per basket. It may be a little pricey but as long as they serve good cantonese dishes, I believe people will still find it reasonable. Will I visit it for the 4th time again and the answer is a resounding yes!

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