Syun 春 – Relatively new Japanese restaurant in the celebrity chefs enclave

Syun 春

Festive Walk RWS hotel

DSC_0764Despite the recent trip to Japan, the unwavering penchant for Japanese food simply means that the hunt for a classy Japanese restaurant with much character and uniqueness in its food has never ceased. We have seen how Hashida, Hashi, Shinji (1,2,3), Aoki, the heavyweights of Japanese restaurants in Sg, specialising in both Kaiseki and Sushi have won me over just after my first visit. But of course during which there are encounters with various restaurants that did not come out as impressionable despite the hype. Today, one of the newer additions to the league – Syun 春, helmed by a celebrity chef was visited for lunch. Some may feel that visiting a place for lunch may do injustice to the restaurant as its specialties and strengths are usually reflected in the dinner menu, which I vehemently beg to differ as the classiest michelin restaurants in Japan will never let their patrons down even in a supposedly more casual lunch. Furthermore, it’s a much lesser premium paid for you to know if a revisit for dinner is justified.

DSC_0755Anyway, lets get on with the lunches over here which mainly focuses on Bento boxes. S got the Unagi with foie gras. Thick, creamy and sweet sauce – infused Unagi with a huge slab of fatty foie gras. I reckon the Unagi was done well but perhaps more condiments (Japanese pepper) could be added to it to spice things up a little, providing a contrast with the heavy toppings, just like how the Japanese have their traditional unagi jyu.

DSC_0761 DSC_0764

DSC_0761While I went for the traditional Seafood Don that comes with freshly grilled salmon and a huge torched scallop. The uni was surprisingly slightly sweet as they are usually just associated with their queer creamy texture. I liked this rendition with my rice though I felt that the bland-tasting prawns could be largely improved by having some seasoning in it. $50.

DSC_0757S, feeling super empowered with his RWS card that is eligible for a 50% rebate, daringly ordered the Sashimi rice set that came with 6-7 pieces of fresh sashimi. Nothing much to rave about, but it was at a price of about $38.

All lunch sets come with a bowl of tasty miso soup and a plate of slightly salty greens while a shot of yuzu will be served before the bill is presented. It wasn’t a mediocre lunch but only worth the price if you are armed with your RWS card and are around the area as the type of food served is aplenty in our main island. And for people who cannot stand the tropics, they will not turn you away even if you are not in shorts (if you noticed the smart casual code on the website) but I did put on a pair of covered shoes at least.

Verdict: An above average – good restaurant.

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