Tottenham Court Road

ImageDim Sum platter. The steamed and fried dim sum were all marvellous even though i prefer eating steamed dim sum. The steamed spinach dim sum is filled with crunchy prawn, mushroom and topped with a rich and fragrant sauce, the dumpling is really delectable. The other steamed snack is filled with fresh prawns, mushroom, and some other ingredients which I can’t really remember but the whole combination makes it really flavourful. The skins for both are really different, while the green one is thicker, slippery and not sticky, the white one is a little stickier but thin and suit their themes well. The fried ones are equally rich and flavourful and doesn’t feel too oily.


Noodles with prawns in it and sha cha sauce. Very interesting way of making dim sum I thought by using springy noodles and wrapping it over prawns. Sauce wasn’t too oily and fragrant while noodles are springy. Together with the succulent prawns in them, it is indeed a delicious dim sum.

ImageBeef stir fried with pepper sauce. Beef is really tender and yet doesn’t crumble immediately in your mouth and thus gives you some time to enjoy the taste, freshness and juiciness of the beef.

ImageVery tasty cod fish. Super fresh, and not over cooked at all. You can taste the freshness in it and the meat falls off in big chunks. Love the creamy texture and taste it has too. The exterior layer felt a little crispy and felt like it has been grilled a little. Love the overall texture.

ImageFresh prawns with curry sauce at the bottom. Really succulent but only 2 in it.

ImagePipa duck. Crispy skin and fragrant meat but not my favourite out of the lot.

Hakkasan is a Cantonese restaurant that has one Michelin star and is a sister restaurant of Yuatcha. That explains why the dim sum served are pretty similar as they originate from Yuatcha. The set lunch menu was really pricey as everything was in really small portions and it costs 28 pounds per person. Despite its small portions, the food is really well prepared and its taste and perfect texture could really tingle your palates. Indeed, that’s Chinese fine dining.

<a title=”Read Square Meal’s review of Hakkasan” target=”_top” href=”http://www.squaremeal.co.uk/restaurant/hakkasan?utm_source=Blog&amp;utm_medium=Blog&amp;utm_campaign=Link”><img width=”230″ height=”125″ src=”http://www.squaremeal.co.uk/Views/DynamicImages/BlogBigImage.aspx?restaurant=fad4097ef2924622a21c36c560abe9b5“ alt=”Square Meal” /></a>

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